Unique Aspects of BirthWorks

& Benefits of Membership


BirthWorks International is the only organization to promote birth as an instinctive process that doesn’t need to be learned. Birthing a baby requires the integration of the mind, body, and spirit.  BirthWorks provides an emotional preparation for birth as well as current, evidence-based information.  We are a Holistic Childbirth Organization that is designed to help women develop more trust and faith in their ability to give birth.  BirthWorks is the only childbirth organization that actively promotes the practice of Human Values that empowers and transforms women in birth.  The practice of Human Values increases confidence and decreases fear. We provide crucial information about Pelvic Bodywork.  Knowledge of position helps a baby pass through the pelvis more easily.  A high value is placed on empowering women through the process of birth helping them to experience transformation into Motherhood.  BirthWorks has been educating women about birth and offering Childbirth Classes for over two decades and Doula Certification and Services for over one decade.  We have structured a high quality curriculum that also includes flexibility to meet the needs of our Childbirth classes. Here are just a few more highlights about BirthWorks International to consider:

1. The BirthWorks Childbirth Education Manual contains over 500 pages and is the most comprehensive training manual in existence.  It is revised and updated on a regular basis.

2. BirthWorks offers personal Mentors/Reviewers who guide you through your training and who are available to speak to you in person.

3. Sign-up online or contact the office to receive our monthly BirthWorks International Newsletter and Mailing List to stay connected with BirthWorks news, events, program developments and articles.

4. Become connect with a growing number of fellow birth Advocates and take advantage of the networking opportunities they have to offer.

5. BirthWorks provides opportunities for upward mobility within the organization for i.e. Reviewers, Trainers, and also opportunities to  serve on our Board of Directors.

6. Join the BirthWorks International Facebook Page and network with over 5,000 members.

7. Check out the BirthWorks International Blog for articles and information of interest.  Keep abreast of cutting-edge birth issues, such as the Neuroscience of feeling safe.

8. BirthWorks International offers education to market and promote birth services.  We have a listing on our website to help promote your business.

9. Receive exclusive discounts to our public events and online store items.

10. Most importantly BirthWorks International maintains professional standards.  All BirthWorks Certified Professionals must demonstrate a good standing with BirthWorks and the families they serve.

If you are looking for a wonderful organization to become a part of to volunteer your time, please consider BirthWorks International.