BirthWorks is a process,

not a method…every birth

is unique and each

woman will find her own

right way to give birth.



Birthing In The Spirit 

Birthing in the Spirit was written to empower birthing women, showing how connecting with the spirit helps birth to become a peak experience, serving as a source of strength during the years of parenting. It was written to help birthing women not be afraid of Their own power in labor. It was written for caregivers, doctors,midwives, nurses, and doulas to be more sensitive to the physiological and spiritual needs of a birthing woman. It was written for fathers/partners and anyone in contact with a pregnant woman to realize the importance of keeping her happy during pregnancy, labor, and birth, so she will produce hormones of joy.

And finally, it was written so that these hormones of joy can become the first experience of a growing baby.  It is my hope that as you read this book, you will feel a strong connection and shared bonding with all women giving birth, for birth is cross-cultural, timeless, and ancient. Birth is also an experience greater than ourselves that has transforming power if we take the step of looking more deeply inside. After all, isn’t that what a woman needs to do when in labor? It is also my hope that you will feel touched at some deep level with inspiration to make changes in your life for the better.

                                                                                 Cathy Daub