Become Certified as a Childbirth Educator and Doula in ONE Program!

Would you like to help prepare pregnant women for childbirth and serve as a Doula at births? Then this is a program for you! Come and experience the unique way in which our philosophies are integrated into your training. We believe that all women are born with the knowledge about how to give birth. Therefore birth is instinctive. What is instinctive doesn’t need to be taught. Rather we help women to have more trust and faith in their body wisdom that already knows how to give birth. This is unique, empowering, and transforming in nature.

The BirthWorks International ACED Combo Program has been designed to save you time and money by attending one four-day workshop that satisfies one requirement for Certification and which is valid towards Certification in both our Childbirth Educator and Doula Programs. All other requirements are home self-study. Fee includes tuition for both programs as well as the four-day workshop.

Women taking BirthWorks classes develop more confidence and have less fear about birth. They receive both an emotional and academic preparation for birth through Human Values training, Pelvic Bodywork (Optimal Pelvic Positioning), Primal Health, Grieving and Healing and more. Classes are interactive and fun. Our Doulas understand hormonal behaviors in birth and can better assist women through a Primal Health perspective.

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Birthworks International Certifies Labor Doulas

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Domestic “ACED” Program Fee $1,625.00

The “ACED” Program Workshop fee includes tuition in both our Childbirth Educator and Doula Programs and the four-day workshop fee.

International “ACED” Program Fee $1,725.00