Childbirth Educator Workshop

$ 525.00

Childbirth Educator Workshop

$ 525.00

Become a BirthWorks Childbirth Educator


We invite you to join us at the Childbirth Educator Workshop. This workshop is for anyone who wishes to be trained as a childbirth educator. The 3-day workshop is experiential and interactive and is filled with music, ceremony, joy, and healing.

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Save $50! Register three people or more for the same workshop, and you each save $50. (Must call to register for this pricing: 1-888-TO-BIRTH)

For full course description, including agenda, view the Workshop description page.



Agenda for the Childbirth Educator Workshop

Includes but is not limited to:

  • Day 1:  Welcome and orientation, Feelings and Philosophies, Fear, Support, Belief Systems, Nutrition, Birth Plans, Mother-Daughter Relationships and their Impact on Birth.
  • Day 2:  Certification process, Four principles of optimal pelvic positioning in Pelvic Bodywork with application to labor positions, Bones of the pelvis and their function in birth, cardinal movement, Guilt/Blame/Judgment with non-directive questioning, Birth Physiology, Reframing pain, Human Values in Birth, Group Dynamics and Facilitation Techniques with role plays.
  • Day 3:  Grieving and Healing, Risk Factors in Pregnancy and Birth, Effective Communication, Multi-sensory Visualization – Finding a Safe Place to Birth, Role Plays, Audio-Visuals, Marketing Your Classes, Attentive Listening Exercise, Unconditional Love.

There are films, music, role plays, interactive discussion, and more…

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Childbirth Educator Certification Program

Childbirth Educator Certification Program, Childbirth Educator Workshop Only