Entry No:0007
Title:Socio-economic versus obstetric risk factors for drug addiction in offspring
Author(s):Nyberg K, Allebeck P, Eklund G, Jacobson B
Reference:Brit. J. of Addiction 1992; 87:1669-1676
Place of Study:Sweden
Abstract:Two possible risk factors for drug addiction were weighed against each other: perinatal factors and factors associated with familial socio-economic conditions at time of birth. According to this matched case control study of 200 amphetamine addicts and 200 opiate addicts,the administration of opiates, barbiturates and nitrous oxide to mothers during labour was associated with drug addiction in offspring.
Keyword(s):barbiturates, drug addiction, nitrous oxide, obstetric medication, opiates, pethidine, socio-economic conditions
Discussion:See entries 005-006, 008, 0032 and 0295
See Also:0009

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