Results for author: MacCari S

Entry No.TitleAuthorsPlace of Study
0334Long-term effects of prenatal stress and postnatal handling on age-related glucocorticoid secretion and cognitive performance: a longitudinal study in the rat.Vallee M, MacCari S, Dellu F, Simon H, Le Moal M, Mayo W.France
0336High corticosterone levels in prenatally stressed rats predict persistent paradoxical sleep alterationsDugovic C, MacCari S, Weibel L, Turek FW, Van Reeth O.Belgium
0345Increased locomotor response to novelty and propensity to intravenous amphetamine self-administration in adult offspring of stressed mothers.Deminiere JM, Piazza PV, Guegan G, Abrous N, MacCari S, Le Moal M, Simon H.France